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Wholesale Dried Goji Berries 18 ounces (Qty) 36! Click on picture to show additional details.

Goji Berries, Goji Berry
List Price: $846.00
Your Price USD: $527.50
You Save: $318.50 (38 %)


36 18oz bags of goji berries wholesale

This 36 bag offer is a must have for anyone looking to get started selling goji berries. Our goji's are professionally packaged for resale. Each 18oz bag comes with a color brochure upon request. Click on the link for more great information on goji berries also commonly called Lycium Barbarum. If 36 bags of goji berries is not enough for you check out our 72 bag offer of Goji Fruit.


Reasons to buy wholesale from us:

* We are not a MLM Company. We directly import our berries so there is no middle man.
* We sell wholesale to anyone. There is no need for a reseller’s license.
*Our wholesale Goji Berries are from the strain that originated from the Tibetan region of Mongolia so the quality is grade A.
*We can do private Labeling
*Our dried Goji Berry bags do not have our information on them so no one will know who you are buying from.



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Goji Juice Deluxe
Goji berry Juice Deluxe
100% Pure Goji Juice
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Package Deals On - Goji Products - Liquid Vitamins - Seaweed Fertilizer and more!
Dried Goji Berries - Goji Juice - Seaweed Fertilizer and Liquid Vitamins Package Deals Offered At Low Prices!
I've been eating the berries for about 1 month now. These berries do really amazing things for me than anything else. When I eat maybe 10-20 berries, my blood starts circulating more.
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