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Growing Goji Berries

goji seeds,growing goji berries plantsMany people want to enjoy fresh goji berries in the US, but as of yet they have not been available because no one has grown them on a commercial basis in America yet. Until the day that happens you do have the choice to try your hand at growing your very own goji berry plants if you like. You can purchase the goji berry seeds, plant them grow your own plant and then enjoy the fruits of your labor. Goji plants will grow in just about any area of the world. When growing them the first six months are the most crucial because this is when the plants are the most fragile. You want to plant them in well draining soil, provide them with plenty of water and a ton of sunlight. After the first six-month period however they will grow on their own with little effort needed on your part except to water them on a regular basis. Goji Berry plants grow anywhere from 6 to 8 feet tall. When you start to grow goji berry plants you need to remember not to expect them to produce for up to three years. If you want to keep a goji bush in shape you will need to do a lot of pruning, but if you let it grow wild it will produce more berries. Early summer is its growing season when it is laden with trumpet shaped flowers. Surprising fact is that the same plant sprouts both white and purple flowers and looks pretty charming. If you cant wait until your plants start producing fresh goji berries you might consider buying some of our dried goji berries to tide you over.
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Goji berry Juice Deluxe
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I've been eating the berries for about 1 month now. These berries do really amazing things for me than anything else. When I eat maybe 10-20 berries, my blood starts circulating more.
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